Her life Exhibition View

她的一生 她的一生 她的一生 她的一生 她的一生

Her life

Her life started in August 28, 1931 in China, and now is reaching to its end (admitted into hospice since Feb. of 2013). It will be in an art gallery in United States of America where her life will be end. She was a rebel to her Christian family, a faithful follower of Mao and the Chinese Communist Party; a soldier of the Red Army Entertaining Unit; a secret agent for the nation’s Security Bureau; a mother fought for hunger and nest for her children; a woman fought for the justice; a wife stood staunchly with her husband for good and bad days; a friend and helper for the poor and a singer of choir…She has always been a tough and strong woman, but now is so weak and fragile.


Address: 3217 South Morgan Street Chicago, IL 60608

Time: June 15th, 5 – 6pm. The exhibition will run through July 30th

Qigu Jiang/Director

The Research House for Asian Art


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