Artress- an exhibition of contemporary art works by international women artists


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Artress- an exhibition of contemporary art works by international women artists

Date: September 25th – October 16th 2015

Opening reception: Sep 25th 7-9pm

Address : Research House For Asian Art (RHAA)

3217 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608


Artress presents a selection of outstanding artworks of various medium by seven women artists to address the importance of involvement from women artists in global contemporary art. Included artists are from four continents, among them are well established and celebrated artists, as well as new emerging artists. They are: Corinna Button (b. UK,) He Chengyao (b. China,) Li Xinmo (b. China,) Johana Moscow (b. Colombia,) Sophie Loloi (b. Iran,) Mengli Qi and Dandan Liu (both b. China.) Their practices, exemplified in these works, are not bound to single medium, but to express their thoughts, views, concerns and perspectives, and critically reassess our cultural, social issues and personal history.

Corinna Button paints her large than life self-portrait to gaze and reflect the thoughts of being an woman artist in the U.S. The works of Li Xinmo and He Chengyao are photos of their performance in which they use their own body to speak the unspeakable issues that women face in China in the past and today. Johana Moscow is a performer and fiber artist, her work explores the relationship between migration, gender roles that played under the Colombian culture. Sophie Loloi consider herself a modern nomad who has lived between Iran and the West; her video work explores mystic female body, and Eastern and Western mythology. Dandan Liu and Mengli Qi are up and coming Chinese new generation of artists: Liu’s works satirize the modern norm of how internet age society define and sexualize women and the perception towards “girlie” aesthetics. Qi combines traditional Chinese art form with contemporary themes, questioning life under the gender norms of our society.

The exhibition is curated by Shuting Zheng. The director of RHAA is Qigu Jiang.

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