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The Faces of Our Time – Interview with Tony Philips

By Elaine Tan 10/16/3012   E: You have been working on painting for decades, and I’m curious about how you began painting? T: My father and my grandfather were architects, and they were very good draftsmen and they taught me

The Faces of Our Times – Interview with Xu Hang

By Elaine Tan 10/18/2013   Elaine: When did you start brush painting? And why did do you choose brushing painting as your way of creating? Xu: I started to paint ink painting after I graduated from The Central Academy of

The Reverie in Zen – Works on paper by Zheng Qinyan

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Feng Yuan

Feng Yuan was born in 1964 in Guilin. He studied painting from young and received his B.A and M.A degrees majoring in block printing from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1984 and 1990 respectively. Later he turned to study

Art in the Regional Political Context: Exhibition and Criticism

Wang, Nanmin Quite a few people ask me what my criteria are to curate art exhibitions, as in the past I was an art critic and now I am a curator. In fact, the exhibitions I’ve curated have sent out

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The Power of Memory – Chinese Documentary Photography as a Cultural Movement in the 90s

Yang, XiaoYan There are two influential points of views on the understanding of Chinese Documentary Photography around the 90s of the previous century. The first, documentary photography is only one out of many forms, and it is unnecessary to over

Several Remarks on the Definition of Chinese Contemporary Art

Shen Yubing It is not wise to define Chinese contemporary art as one uniform phenomenon or an unified whole. As a matter of fact, the so-called Chinese contemporary art has undergone three quite different periods in its development. While the