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What Happened to Art Criticism?

James Elkins This is excerpted from a pamphlet published in 2004; the entire pamphlet is available on amazon.[i] It was divided into four parts. The first part proposed that no one reads art criticism (a notion that has since been

Do not Sell “Young” Because of Young

– the criticism on “young critics” Li Xin Mo Of the “Young Critics” is a term that I feel doubt. Now that term has been widely disseminated, and even the “Young Critics” are calling themselves “Young Critics”. It appears that

The Rise of Critical Art, Chapter three: Trans-Feminist Art

Wang Nanming Pain in Soul: Performance Art and Video Works by He Chengyao was an exhibition organized by Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art and curated by this author. The exhibition opened on September 2nd, 2007 and was divided into

Progress and Lingering

Yi Ying Summary: In recent years, fine art criticism is entirely much less dynamic than that in late 1980s, and in addition to the changes of objective environment and mediocre fine artistic creation, it is also related with the condition

Looking forward to the Establishment of New Critical discourse

——Also discuss the issue of how to establish the measure of value in criticizing Chinese contemporary art from 2000 to 2009 He Guiyan In the conception of “Reshaping History — Chinart from 2000 to 2009” exhibition, two critics, Lv Peng

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Interview with Xing Danwen to Talk about Urban Fiction

Britta Erickson   Interview conducted by e-mail between February 27 and March 10, 2006.     Britta Erickson: You have said that the idea for your Urban Fiction series came to you in 2003. You had been travelling for a

China’s “Contemporary Art”

Huang He Qing An excerpt from the eighth chapter and the conclusion of The Conspiracy of Art’s with a little revision China’s contemporary artists have been frequently participating in international exhibitions, biennials and expositions, causing a certain phenomenon called “China-craze”,


TERRY SMITH In his essay “The general state of theory and criticism for Chinese contemporary art,” Qigu Jiang notes that many Chinese scholars believe that “contemporary art theory and criticism is in a stage of crisis.” 1  He suggests a

The Medium is the Market

Hal Foster (London Review of Books, 9 October 2008)   In 1975 Andy Warhol peered into the future and saw…Damien Hirst? ‘Business Art is the step that comes after Art,’ Warhol wrote in The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. Not only

Abnormal Wave – Artists from China

Angelo Capasso “Abnormal waves” are one of the greatest mysteries of the sea. They are sea phenomena of which nor the causes nor the origins are known. Anomalous waves from 25 to 35 m. high have been observed forming in