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Curated by Larry Lee This group exhibit features four prominent Shanghai artists (Zhang Haitian, Chai Yiming, Cai Xiaosong and He Saibang) who still work in the traditional medium of ink on rice paper under the tremendous pressure of globalization to

The general state of theory and criticism for Chinese contemporary art

Back  | Scholars | Go to CCAF 2010 By Qigu Jiang Chinese Contemporary art has received a great deal of attentions from the West for past ten years, however, the attention are mainly from the art market. There is little academic or intellectual interest

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What is Chinese Contemporary Art?

Back  | Scholars | Go to CCAF 2010 By James Elkins Chinese contemporary art has become a major force in the world art market. There is tremendous interest outside China in the prices that Chinese art commands (stories about record prices routinely run in

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The Medium is the Market

Hal Foster (London Review of Books, 9 October 2008) The category of “contemporary art” is not a new one. What is new is the sense that, in its very hetrogeneity, much present practice seems to float free of historical determination,

Art Since 1900

David Carrier Here in China, in my overweight luggage is “Art Since 1900,” vol. 2, the best account of recent art, and I say that of course as someone who has real problems with the book. It is the best

Mirror from the Other Shore and Its Deenchantment

Feng Yuan Imagination of the West and Dualistic Structure during the Processes of Chinese Art During the process of learning from the West in the 20th century, China has experienced three phases: the Golden Decade during the period of the

Art in the Regional Political Context: Exhibition and Criticism

Wang, Nanmin Quite a few people ask me what my criteria are to curate art exhibitions, as in the past I was an art critic and now I am a curator. In fact, the exhibitions I’ve curated have sent out

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