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Lens and Brush – Portraits by David Tapper and Qigu Jiang

2020/11/29 - 2021/01/29

Photography and Ink painting are irrelevant in terms of art media; the former was a modern novelty of the 19th century – a result of science and industrial development. On the other hand, ink painting of Sumi-e was originated in ancient China, and it has been practiced as the major medium of art in China, Korea, and Japan for over a thousand years.

Qigu Jiang learned ink painting when he was young in Shanghai, but not until three years after he arrived in America in 1987, he started to paint in ink passionately. “It was so difficult to transform the art media from performance and conceptual to ink painting,” Qigu recalls, “now, I feel so free and rewarding painting in ink.” It is true that viewers shall have no problem feeling the energy of the brush and the rhythm of lines, which depicted these portraits vividly. Indeed, like journalism, Qigu’s portraits freeze the actions that occur Pavlovianly every day and brought viewers back to the moments of each unique scene.

Italian born American artist David Tepper has been making photographic images for over forty years, and he loves to make portraits for people whom he personally knows. For this specific group of portraits, David takes us on a journey through the ages. Specifically, to the 16th century Holland meeting the Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer and his paintings. Through these eyes of portraits captured by his lens, David paid homage to Vermeer reinterpreting the beauty of his iconic work “Girl with the Pearl Earring”; he opens a new page of the book of contemporary photography by looking back in history and honoring the masters of old Europe.

This exhibition is no doubt a communication between East and West, a transcending of the past, now and beyond.

Click here to view the exhibition: https://www.kunstmatrix.com/en/rhaa-gallery

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January 29
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The Research House for Asian Art (RHAA)
3217 South Morgan Street
chicago, IL 60608 United States


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