Treasure Mountain Conference on Contemporary Art

1980’s is considered an important turning point for Chinese art by countless art writings including art history, art criticism and theory that specifically devoted to the period. However,  these writings especially the art history and art theory are the weak point due to the complexity of the Chinese contemporary art and contemporary art theory itself, therefore they need to be discussed. Under such goal the Treasure Mountain Conference is to be held; it will invite scholars both from China and overseas to deliver lectures  and to discuss on the subject of art history and  art theory writings.

Place: Shanghai Treasure Mountain International Folk Art Museum

Time: May 23-24, 2013

Conference monitor: Wang Nanming

Theme: Chinese Art in the 1980’s – studies on art history and contemporary art theory

Treasure Mountain Conference on Contemporary Art

Gang of Nine

A panel discussion on ink painting (Chinese only)

gang of nine

China Contemporary Art Forum (CCAF)

The 2009 Beijing International Conference on Art Theory and Criticism is the first symposium of the China Contemporary Art Forum (CCAF). The conference will gather important Chinese and Western scholars to discuss issues of Chinese contemporary art pertaining to critical discourse;this is first conference of its kind. CCAF is a cooperative production between The Research House for Asian Art (a not-for-profit organization registered in Illinois and located in Chicago) and China Contemporary Art Foundation (Hong Kong based).

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